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Auteur: Emiel

Energy neutral

Energy neutral

Solar dike

  • 4.0 MW
solardike solardike_buma
Solar-dike impression Solar-dike plan

Wind turbine

  • 2.5 MW turbine
enercone92 power_curve_e92
Enercon E-92 behind old wind mill Enercon E-92 power curve
Second insight loop

Second insight loop

Experiment with reduced choices:

  1. Fixed chioces:
    • Energy neutral
    • 50/50 mix
    • Two pumps
  2. 120 designs in 48 scenarios: 5760 simulations
  3. Sensitivity scoring
  4. Finding trade-offs




First goal – PSST model:

  • Pumping Station Simulation & Testing model developed and calibrated

Second goal – Insights:

  • Scenarios of large importance
  • Interactions between design choices and scenarios

Third goal – Robust Design:

  • Insights provided better decision information
  • Prevent over-investment and ineffective solutions
  • Optimal implementation of innovations

MORSO was of added value in designing a robust pumping station for the future

Pump control

Pump control




Local control:

  • Is very robust for local use and CO2
  • Slightly more expensive than APX
  • The best choice if sustainability is important